Leslie Bartlett and Steven KlockowHEALING RELATIONSHIPS is the counseling practice of Leslie Bartlett, L.C.P.C. and Steven Klockow, L.C.S.W., both certified IMAGO Relationship Therapists. While each of us has our own unique way of working with couples, we both bring a passion for engaging with couples with curiosity, playfulness and here & now practicality. Each of our practices are typically 80-90% couples.

During couples sessions you will learn to use recent “disconnections” as opportunities for growth and transformation. You will practice being fully present and connected with your partner while you discuss your most challenging issues. You will finally be able to discuss difficult issues that usually lead to hurt and disconnection. We work with all couples at any stage of  relationship.

For couples counseling to succeed, both partners have to feel the therapist is a good match. Most clients report to us that they feel we are able to convey respect and understanding for each partners experiences while also helping partners be accountable to each other.  We’d be happy to talk with you further about how we each work. Leslie can be reached at 729-7710, ext. 2, Steven at ext. 5.