Leslie Bartlett, LCPC

Leslie Bartlett, LCPC,Certified IMAGO Relationship Therapist

Leslie Bartlett, LCPCI am passionate about my work with couples.  I believe in the basic goodness of all humans, no exceptions.  I am sincerely inspired and honored to sit with each couple as they build trust in themselves and each other, strengthening their love, commitment and true understanding of how ‘to be with each other’. Over the course of my work with a couple, I see soft, smiling eyes increasingly shared.  This is a marker of enduring transformation.  I know this from my personal work with my Husband, Steven.

I see that the healing work couples do with me goes well beyond their personal work together.   I am overjoyed when a couple comes in and says their children are noticing and changing too.  I like to say, ‘we are healing the planet, one couple at a time’.  Being of service in this way is important to my life’s mission.

My work is inspired by my connection with my husband, Steven, as well as, by neuroscience, mindfulness, and body centered work.  The body does not lie, but we must learn it’s language.  The mind on the other hand, in the service of protection, will hide certain truths from us.

While working with a couple I must be open and curious and in touch with my own creative spirit.  I must be light and firm, direct and circuitous, funny and serious, and above all else, present in the moment, grounded and fully alive.  My work is thus a mindfulness practice, and a spiritual journey.

I received my Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy in 1982 from Lesley College in Boston, Mass.   While in Graduate school I was introduced to family systems work which spoke very strongly to me.  I worked for years with children and families, until I began my private practice in 1993.  I was Certified in Imago Relationship Therapy in 2004 and have never looked back.  I continue to train avidly, both individually and with Steven to ensure we are at the cutting edge of our work.  (See above for more.)

I enjoy hiking in the forest alone or with my husband and our dog, Talia (who will meet and greet you at the door if you like.), creating beauty in my garden, swimming, creative writing, enjoying the natural world and playing with my family.

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