Telemed for Couples

This forced time of confinement with our partners can be one of deepening connection and renewal or it can feel like an overwhelming crucible with no way out. If your relational life has become unmanageable then embrace the opportunity & reach out for support so you can better cooperate with the growth that is trying to emerge.

It’s altogether normal for couples and families to be struggling with finding the new routines and ways of being together that will sustain us during this pandemic season. It’s even more critical to feel understand for our fears and needs during this unprecedented time. If you have not felt seen, valued or understood in your relationship this will likely just become more intense.

One of the most common relational patterns that can get amplified when we feel intense stress is for one partner to shift into a kind of panicked over-doing while the other goes into withdrawal or shutting down. We often get into trouble at this point as we engage with each other from what are really fight or flight coping strategies.

This is just one example of how our nervous systems get hijacked into behaving in ways that made sense in a prior relational context but are not useful in the present situation. It is possible to learn how to slow things down and begin to see and appreciate what’s actually trying to happen between us so we can actually change and become less reactive with each other.

So we invite you to call one of us and begin the journey of putting your relationships first and learning how to find your way back to into connection. What you’re going through together is normal. It’s not a psychological problem to be solved. You’re not “dysfunctional” and there is not partner is better or more right.

It has been our experience that the vast majority of couples we have worked with over the years have been able to step back from the brink of what feels like the end and progressively learn how to better navigate the normal rhythm of rupture and repair with more grace and presence thereby creating the space for something new and fresh to emerge.

If we can be of help in anyway please feel free to contact either of us. With deep gratitude and faith, Leslie & Steven